Germany was traced with the help of US and French officials monitor EU leaders

Germany has portrayed himself as an American listening victims. However, German media reported on April 30, the German is actually an "accomplice" for US intelligence agencies to implement political espionage, monitoring target for the EU leaders and French government officials.
German "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" reported that the German BND help the US National Security Agency to implement political espionage, as well as monitor the EU leaders call neighboring France. Specific listener objects, including senior officials at the European Commission, the French Foreign Ministry and officials of the Elysee Palace.
"Sueddeutsche Zeitung" that the German BND helped the United States to monitor some European companies. Monitor the behavior of these companies only if the suspected "illegal export" case of the enforcement.
German Federal News Service quoted an internal source as saying:. "The core of the problem is that Germany's European neighbors and the EU institutions to implement political espionage"
The German government and the Federal News Service has not yet responded to this story. French Foreign Ministry spokesman said France and Germany will monitor the Founder rumors communication, Germany said it would be clarified.
Because Germany has been described as the victims of their own listening behavior of the United States, fear that the incident placed the German government in an awkward position. Media 2013 disclosure of US intelligence agencies in Germany launched a massive monitor activities, especially after listening Chancellor Angela Merkel may be a mobile phone, the German-American relations were strained.